spring in the valley!

Robert Mondavi Winery, Oakville

While my sister was visiting me from Honolulu, we spent a day up in Napa and went wine tasting drinking.  One of the places I like taking people is the Robert Mondavi Estate, mostly because the property is just gorgeous and expansive and well maintained (despite the fact that Mondavi is a huge commercial producer, I still dig it).

We also stopped at Honig, my other Napa staple.  We usually go up to visit my friend David (speaking in the video above), but he wasn’t there this week (total sad face)…though we ended up getting taken care of by another fun dude named Mike.  Even after two years of steady visits to Honig, I still have yet to make it to Frog’s Leap (which is literally around the corner from Honig).  In fact, there are a slew of places that I need to visit in Napa, but I always end up going to my favorites!  What are your favorite Napa Valley wineries and hot spots?

Bouchon Bakery macarons

Whenever we’re up in the valley, I feel compelled to stop in Yountville, simply to buy treats from Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery.  My favorites are the monstrously-sized macarons (not macaroons, mind you) – a large version of the traditional French confection made from almond flour and some sort of flavored filling.  The strawberry rhubarb flavor was really excellent.  I bought a box of six (at $3 each), and Jules got a nice little surprise of sweets when we got back later that evening.

I didn’t take a lot of photos since I was busy driving us around – but we had a great time, as usual!

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