santa cruzin’, part deux.

La Selva Beach!
I have decided that one of my favorite places on the planet is Santa Cruz.  Not just the boardwalk area (which I love during the summery months), but every part of Santa Cruz County, including the winding back roads and mountainous terrain.  Why?  Because it’s just freaking BEAUTIFUL.  Note:  I have never ever considered myself a nature-girl, in fact, Jules always jokes that the City Girl fell in love with the Country Boy in our little love story.  He is constantly trying to get me to agree to move to some remote woodsy area (i.e. somewhere 200 miles away from Seattle) and  my urban-dwelling-self cringes in horror.  (You can’t wear heels in the woods.  Truth.)
Regardless, we were invited for a weekend down in the Santa Cruz area by a yoga friend (T) who has a family home at La Selva Beach.  All I packed were some yoga clothes, jeans, and a sweater, and prepared for a chillaxing weekend with Jules and T.  We headed over to Swift Street, had lunch at Kelly’s French Bakery, and then tasted (and bought) wine at Bonny Doon.  It was Passport weekend in SC, so the wineries were busy, busy, busy!  Then, off the downtown Santa Cruz, which feels like Berkeley’s Telegraph Ave…but way more laid back and a lot cleaner.
I was so into relaxing that I pretty much forgot to snap photos the entire time….so this is all you get.  A view from the back porch – spectacular.  The photo doesn’t even do it justice.
Spanish moss hanging from the trees over the deck
Despite the little bursts of rain here and there, it was a beautiful weekend.  On the way back up to San Francisco, we detoured through Hecker Pass (CA-152) to get to Gilroy because Jules graciously agreed to take me to the Le Creuset outlet.  (One of the many reasons I heart him.)  Here is a photo from the passenger seat.
Hecker Pass

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