a day at domaine carneros.

Domaine Carneros exterior

I’ve been trying to convince Jules to move us to France.  Aside from the many obvious reasons – the cheese, the wine, and also,hello, it’s FRANCE, I think I would like to experience living abroad at least once in my life and perhaps one day return to the US a much more worldly person (and hopefully, finally fluent in French).  But for now, I would say I am pretty lucky to be living in San Francisco, probably the most European area in the States.  We have access to great produce, artisanal cheeses (and other products), and the wine.  Oh, the wine!

If you don’t already know, Napa and Sonoma are two of the nation’s premier wine-growing areas, and they are merely an hour outside of San Francisco.  The landscape is always gorgeous, and the wineries are busy year round with tourists!  Since Jules works in wine, we are fortunate to get free tastings at many of the wineries – something we don’t take advantage of nearly often enough.  We decided it would be a great idea to taste some sparkling wine right before New Year’s, so we went to my favorite Napa winery – Domaine Carneros, which is owned by renowned French Champagne producer, Taittinger.

Brut, Brut Rose, and Demi-Sec.

We did the standard tasting of their signature sparklers.  Their Brut is outstanding, and quite inexpensive.  To be honest, I have never had a bad wine here.  Ever.  If you want to spring for an even more special wine, try their higher end bubbly – Le Rêve Blanc de Blancs.  You will not be disappointed.

on a beautiful winter day
a size for every occasion!




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