when you’re feeling a bit too rich…go macro.

Do you ever wake up with that not-so-awesome feeling in your tummy after a bout of overindulgence?  We’ve all done it.  Rich, saucy dishes laden with butter and cream, a few too many glasses of wine, lavishing in symphonies of chocolate or caramel only to find that – mayyyyyybe one may want to step away from the feasting and get to something a little lighter?

Living in San Francisco – where nearly everyone is a self-proclaimed “foodie” and we are surrounded by top restaurants and drinking establishments – it’s easy to get lost in the sea of good eating.  And I love to cook a number of rich, luxurious things!  Seriously, if Jules and I didn’t make it a point to stock fresh produce in our refrigerator, we could slip into a pattern of cheese-bread-butter-bacon on a regular basis, forget to drink water, and probably die of malnutrition or unhealthy cholesterol levels.

So when I’m suffering from a butter-and-cream-induced crise de foie, my go-to pick me up is a Macrobiotic Bowl.  You’ve probably heard this term tossed around by the likes of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, but a macrobiotic diet is pretty popular in Asia – and not on purpose!  It’s basically a grain with vegetables and a protein.  These Macrobiotic Bowls come in as many different ways as you can imagine, but this version, with tempeh and quinoa, is my favorite so far.  Sometimes I’ll make these for lunch to bring to work so I can do a mini-detox during the week, and then I’ll feel better about having a steak during the weekend.  Oh and in case you’re wondering, Jules actually  finds these meals rather tasty!

Macrobiotic Quinoa Bowl with Tempeh
Serves at least 2
1/2 c quinoa
2 c kale (I like dino kale), cut into thin strips
1 watermelon radish, julienned
1 zucchini, cut into noodle-like strips
1 Chiogga beet, peeled and sliced paper thin (I use a vegetable peeler to do this)
1/2 c. sauerkraut
1 pkg tempeh, cut into eight pieces
1/8 c soy sauce
1/4 c water
1 piece of wakame, soaked and cut into thin strips
sesame seeds for garnish (optional)
Cook quinoa according to directions on package.  Generally, I do 1 part quinoa to 1.5 parts of water, and cook as if you were cooking steamed rice (bring to a boil, cover, simmer until liquid is absorbed).  Set aside.
Heat a saute pan over medium heat, and place the tempeh pieces inside.  Pour the soy sauce and water over it all, and make sure to turn as the tempeh soaks up the liquid.  Set aside.
Assembling your bowl is easy – you just put in your base of quinoa, and top with kale, radish, zucchini, beet, sauerkraut and pieces of tempeh.  Top with wakame and sesame seeds, then the dressing.  When you’re ready to eat, toss everything together.
Tahini-Miso Dressing
2/3 cup tahini
2 tablespoon white miso
2 teaspoon lemon juice
Mix dressing in a small bowl with a fork until ingredients have blended well.  Add water to desired consistency, and use to dress your macro bowl when ready to eat.

For more about Macrobiotic bowls, check this post over at LunchBoxBunch!

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3 thoughts on “when you’re feeling a bit too rich…go macro.

  1. I eat the foods my body tends to crave and enjoy, so it's funny to see when it has a label… a grain + protein + veggies ?? That's my meal most days. I could probably cut out on more meat though. 🙂


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