postcards from hawaii: aloha, friday!

Better late than never, but here are a few photos from our whirlwind trip to Honolulu a few months ago.  It was Jules’ first time to Hawaii and his first time to a tropical island, so I tried to cram as much beach as I could into our visit.  (It was also his first time formally meeting my parents, which led to his asking my dad for permission to marry me, which led to our engagement, yippee!)  Our schedule was packed with a luau (Thursday when we landed), Fish sanctuary (Friday), Lanikai beach (Saturday), shopping (Sunday) and we flew home on Monday.  Every time I look at these photos I get so happy.
Happy Aloha Friday!
clear blue waters off the East shore of O’ahu
Jules enjoying the ocean
Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve
The imu – an underground oven roasting a whole pig
Removing the pig from the imu
The hilarious host of the pre-luau show
Hula dance about Pele, the goddess of fire
Tahitian dancers – like the opening sequence to Hawai’i Five-O!
Beautiful mountain range on the Windward side
Lanikai Beach
Not quite sure where this is, I’m guessing North Shore
Rabbit Island
More mountains – and that is a freeway right there!

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