my first real french market day.

 By now I’m sure you have figured out that farmer’s markets are one of my favorite things in the entire universe.  In France, a farmer’s market is part of one’s daily life in the big city and in the small country villages (not just a fun thing to do on a Saturday morning!).  These markets have been operating for hundreds of years in the same way as they always have – small, local producers bring their goods to the village center, building relationships with the communities they serve.
Bergerac, located in the Southwest of France, has a medium-sized market with everything you could want.  Fresh cheese, saucissons, beautiful produce, honey, candies, local wines and spirits, and the best part about the Sudouest – duck confit & foie gras!  Like any good farmers market, it changes with the seasons, and around this time, the early mornings can bring baskets full of cepes (though the day we went, there were none).  We did manage to buy fresh eggs, sausage, and one of my favorite things – saucisson à l’ail, which tastes a million times different that the version I buy in the States.  Everything tastes stronger in France!
Basket vendor.  If only I could fit these in my luggage…
we bought several, including saucisson aux cepes!
Some of the best strawberries I have ever had.

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