travel photos: the heart of bordeaux.

When we booked our tickets to Bordeaux, I had no idea what to expect.  I think I half-expected them to land a small plane in the middle of the vines, because Bordeaux is known first and foremost as “wine country”, and if you’ve ever been to the Napa airport, you know what I mean.  But Bordeaux is one of the largest cities in France, with the metro area having over 1.1 million inhabitants and more old stone buildings and cobblestone roads than you can imagine.
Cathedral of Saint-André
I love old buildings.  When I traveled to London in 1996, I snapped a ton of photos – 80% of them being building shots.  There is just something hauntingly beautiful about realizing that the structure you are looking at has been around since before your great grandparents, before there were cars, before indoor plumbing, and perhaps even during a period of time where they chopped off people’s heads as punishment.  (Okay, maybe that part is not so beautiful.)  Above is the photo of Saint-André, a very old church (we didn’t go inside).  Below is the top of the Gothic-styled Tower of Pey-Berland,  built in the 15th century.  Its isolation was due to the wish to provide the Cathedral with magnificent bells which would not threaten the structure with their vibrations.
Tower of Pey-Berland
Mon Jules
Looks like fall but feels like Summer
Bike Sharing in Bordeaux
Among the backdrop of the old, our modern ways are apparent – bike shares are everywhere in Europe (we are finally catching on here in San Francisco).  Like any major city, driving a car here is crazy (compounded by the fact that the street signs are very tiny and people are not shy about honking).  We took a bus from the more suburban part of Bordeaux into the downtown area, where they also have a very sleek looking tram line. We spent a day walking around the city, strolled down Rue St. Catherine, stopped for a coffee at a cafe (people-watching galore) had lunch at Comptoir Cuisine, and basically just wandered around town.  I love the energy of Bordeaux – it’s busy but not completely frenetic like New York City – and it is much more diverse than I would have ever imagined.  I am counting down the days till we get to book a flight back!
Plat du Jour at Comptoir Cuisine
Rue St. Catherine
Pont de Pierre

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