beautiful los angeles.

By now you all know how much I love Los Angeles.  It’s my Southern California roots that keep me fiercely loyal to LA and San Diego while San Franciscans love to hate on the lower half of our state.  And yes, while the traffic and triple-digit summer temperatures can be absolutely miserable, the beach, the no-jacket-required January weather, and the room to spread out are three things I love about SoCal.  Here are a few shining moments from our trip this past weekend:
Chaumont Bakery (Beverly Hills)
Recommended to me personally by Chef Ludo Lefebvre (in response to an inquiry about where to get a croquembouche in Los Angeles), this fancy bakery right off of Wilshire was worth the 6 hour drive from San Francisco.  I dragged a tired Jules out of bed bright and early and drove 45 minutes south of our hotel to try it, and it did not disappoint.  He would move to LA for the croissants, they were that good.
This photo was taken at Manhattan Beach.  I grew up in San Diego and Honolulu, and being close to the sea just feels natural to me.  I can’t ever imagine growing up somewhere that didn’t have easy ocean access.  And, yes, the water can be chilly..but it’s still beautiful!
Mexican Food
Before all the Bay Area folks start trying to tell me that San Francisco has awesome Mexican food, I will say that Southern California is about 400+ miles closer to Mexico than we are. And maybe that’s why I can’t get a satisfactory inexpensive taco around these parts.  Plus, have you had proper rolled tacos or carne asada fries?  No?  We are no longer friends until you do.
Hasta luego, Los Angeles…until next time!

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