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If you’re wondering why my food posts have been few & far between, it’s because I’ve been preoccupied with getting ready for…our wedding!  (It’s in just 14 days, I can barely believe it.)  Unfortunately for my husband-to-be, that means our meals have been less indulgent (when I manage to cook) and we’ve been eating a lot of salads or grabbing takeout when I don’t have time to cook something.
I haven’t talked about health & fitness on this blog in a long time, but I figured I should write a little something since it’s been consuming my life as of late.  I’d originally started with two Spin classes a week with the amazing Jorge Chavez at Crunch on Polk Street, whose classes are like a big, sweaty, dance party.  I’ve been Spinning for a few years now at several different gyms and with several different instructors, but when SoulCycle finally opened its doors in San Francisco, I started adding 1-2 Soul classes into my routine.  This made a big difference – not just because I essentially doubled my workouts, but because these tough-as-hell yet inspiring cycling workouts included strength training (say what you will about lifting those 2-3 lb. weights at Soul, but they feel like 20 lb. weights after a while!).  Plus, like Jorge’s classes, they are fun and you work your butt off to an amazing soundtrack.  Trust.
There’s one really important component to SoulCycle that helped changed the game for me and stick with and improve my fitness routine this past year – the culture.  The instructors that I’ve ridden with (Allie Fell, Ben Bruker, Ian McAndrew, and Jenny Gaither) have such an incredible energy about them.  They connect with their riders, they offer words of advice that help you reign in your wandering thoughts and/or self-sabotaging doubts, and really encourage a sense of community in each class.  Everyone that attends a SoulCycle class regularly is genuinely excited to be there and makes lots of noise during class (the good kind).  Years ago when my cousin Karen mentioned SoulCycle on her blog, I’d read about the so-called Rooster classes in NYC – “Roosters” are riders who attend the first morning classes of the day, at 6am.  I thought they were nuts – who gets up that early for Spin?
Answer:  ME!!  I’m a Rooster!  HOLLERRRRR.

Honestly, I’ve struggled with food and weight and fitness my whole life.  (I even hesitated to start this food blog because I thought I’d resigned myself to becoming an overweight home cook.)  While I entered into this fitness routine with the intent of losing weight specifically for my wedding, one of my favorite instructors recently posted on his Facebook that, “Losing weight is not your life’s purpose”.  He’s absolutely right.  While toning and tightening is definitely a great side effect of workout out, it has become much more than that.  Learning how to dig deep and push your limits, believing in your own power and honoring your strength.  Giving yourself credit.  Connecting with others.  Finding what motivates you.  While SoulCycle may not be everyone’s cup of tea, when you find that thing that helps push you in the right direction, you have to recognize it and give it props (likewise, when something isn’t working for you, you need to have the strength to let that go too).  These kinds of yoga-like realizations are what sets SoulCycle apart and really makes these workouts meaningful to me.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the food part of this blog nor am I going to change it to some raw vegan version, though I may bring in those recipes from time to time to share with you.  I have so many things I’d like to post once we get through the wedding, like what to do with dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes or how to roast a whole Branzino (hint: it’s not hard at all).  I thought I’d just share what I’ve been up to, and to let everyone know that I haven’t completely fallen off the planet, rather, I’ve been getting my exercise on and trying to keep my head clear during this exciting and hectic time of my life!

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