notes about this website.

Hello darlings!

If you’re new to Love of Taste, welcome.  If you’ve been around a while, thank you for your support all these years! You  may have noticed a few changes around here – what was once solely a food blog has now become grown to encompass many of the other facets of my life as a part-time Pilates instructor and lover of healthy stuff. You will see features on some of my most favorite things, from beauty products to health food, home decor to fitness classes.

Don’t worry – my food section isn’t going anywhere, it’s just diversifying.  You’ll still see traditional cultural recipes on here, mixed in with adventures in plant-based cooking and smoothie recipes. We like to keep it interesting at my house, so I’m always changing things up!

Thanks for reading and check out my Instagram and Snapchat (@darlingberna) for more peeks into life behind Love of Taste!

~ bernadette



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fiendishly fond of cooking, SoulCycle, Pilates, green smoothies, and Korean spas.

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