cold chillin with diy cold brew coffee.

I am a complete coffee addict – and it’s not really due to the caffeine, I promise!  I love the smell and taste of coffee, and its rich and velvety palate – especially with a splash of half and half.  I almost always have a cup of hot coffee in the morning, but when the temperature is as high as it’s been lately (it’s going to be 96 degrees today here), I’d rather reach for a cup of cold brew.

You’ve probably seen it on the menus at your local coffee shop – usually ranging from $3-5 a serving (what).  But what makes cold brew coffee different than just regular old iced coffee?  The secret comes from the long steep.  Longer contact with the water allows for more flavor and caffeine extraction, making your cup of coffee more robust (in all possible ways).  You don’t get the same dilution that you would if you poured regular drip coffee over ice.  And lastly, cold brew has lower acidity than conventional drip, making for a smoother, sweeter palate that is easier on the stomach.

Making your own cold brew coffee is so simple – and so much cheaper than getting your fix at a coffee shop!  While there are cold brew coffee contraptions out there (like this one from OXO), you can make do with a French press coffee maker, or simply a mason jar, strainer, and coffee filter.


DIY Cold Brew Coffee

3/4 cup beans
4 cups of cold water (I use filtered water)
jar/container that holds 32 oz of liquid
coffee filter

You will want to grind your beans using a coarse setting – anything too fine will make your coffee cloudy and also be really difficult to strain. In your container, mix the grinds and water and stir gently so that all the coffee grounds get wet. Cover your container (you can cover with a cheesecloth if your container doesn’t have its own lid) and leave it on your counter at room temperature for at least 12 hours.  Once this steeping period has passed, you can strain your coffee into a new container and store, covered, in the fridge for up to two weeks!

To serve, just pour over ice, and add milk, cream, or sugar as desired.  That’s it.  So easy, right?

Are you feeling the same heat wave I am here in California? What are your other summer drink favorites?  Leave your drink selections in the comments below.

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