have a spooktacular weekend.

Got any big plans for the weekend?  This is the first time I’m dressing up for Halloween in years – technically, we’re dressing up for a Dia de Los Muertos festival in downtown Petaluma on Saturday. My crafty neighbor and I made headpieces for ourselves and top hats for our husbands, and I’m actually really excited to go out and about in full costume, even though it’s actually supposed to rain all weekend. Nothing a black umbrella can’t handle!  Meanwhile, peep these links below – and have a fabulous weekend!

A hilarious and dramatic account of flakiness as told by the New Yorker.

When to shake hands, kiss, hug, bow, and beyond while traveling.

Behold, the beauty of Los Angeles.

If you need further proof that Lady Gaga is unbelievably talented, then watch James Corden stop to watch her sing here.

I’m dying to try one of these bullet journal ideas!

Chopped, diced, julienned – does it taste the same, any way you slice it?  Maybe not.

I am terrible at small talk.

And lastly – #FollowFriday these Instagram accounts for inspiration: @figandyarrow, @intoyourcloset, @eatlifewithstyle, @sixthstreetpilates, and @parischezsharon.

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