it’s friday!

Welcome to the weekend, my darlings.  As I mentioned briefly in my last post, this week has been crazy – I was finishing up two writing assignments and have been assisting with a business project for the holidays, all of which is a blessing but leaves me so little time to cook or work out!  Lately, I’ve been dreaming a lot about getting out of town just for a change of perspective.  I’m super jealous that my husband gets to go to France twice in the next two months (for work) – I’m craving that kind of escape.  Really, I’m craving good patisserie and sitting at a sidewalk cafe…but I digress.

Here’s a gorgeous Parisian apartment that I wouldn’t mind having.

Watch new dad Benedict Cumberbatch cut a rug alongside Jimmy Kimmel.

I heart Trader Joe’s, you should love them too.

If you want more ideas than “steam” or “saute in olive oil”, check out this piece on must-have ingredients for cooking vegetables.

Critics who say women aren’t funny have never heard of Samantha Bee.

For #FollowFriday, peruse the Instagram accounts of these awesome urban farmers.

If you can believe it, Thanksgiving is in 3 weeks – is your house ready?

Just discovered this beautiful jewelry line by Maya Brenner – if you know my husband, you can let him know this (20″ chain) is on my wishlist.

I’m off to go meet @habitpattern.sf for lunch today in the city, so I’ve got to go get ready (it’s the third time this week that I get to wear real clothes, amazing).  Hope you have a spectacular weekend!

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fiendishly fond of cooking, SoulCycle, Pilates, green smoothies, and Korean spas.

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