review: davids toothpaste

My friend and I attended the Green Festival in San Francisco in November and met the founder of Davids toothpaste, Eric David Buss.  I am a sucker for packaging, and the clean, mint-colored boxes of toothpaste already caught my eye.  After speaking with him about his product, he also gave me a sample to try for myself – and I’ve been using his toothpaste ever since!


Here are the reasons I stand behind Davids:

  • Made in the USA, with 98% of the ingredients sourced domestically
  • No fluoride, sulfates, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners
  • Cruelty-free
  • Family owned
  • Focused on sustainability

I mean, seriously, you won’t find a more upright company than this one.  So, beyond the obvious awesomeness of the company as a whole, let’s get down to what matters most:

The toothpaste.

It’s pleasantly minty, with no weird aftertaste, which surprised me since it contains stevia (an ingredient that I have my issues with).  You just need a pea sized amount of toothpaste to brush, and it foams up nicely.  It keeps my mouth feeling fantastic, and though I’ve only been using it for about a month, my teeth seem brighter and my gums are doing great.  You’ll want to use every last drop, so – bonus – this tube comes with a tube key, perfect for squeezing out every bit of toothpaste.  Then the entire thing can be thrown into the recycling bin!  Yippee!

Bottom line:  Yes, it’s pricier than conventional toothpaste – but let’s remember why.  Good ingredients, 100% American made, great ethos, and works wonderfully.  Now if only I had a travel sized version…


Davids Natural Toothpaste, $7.95, available at or on via The Detox Market.

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