winding down 2016.


December flew by in the wink of an eye, and it’s the last day of what’s been an emotionally and mentally exhausting year for many people, myself included.  I still have a stack of books waiting to be read, corners to be dusted, groceries to be bought, and three deadlines to face on Monday morning…but I wanted to take a moment to review my “roses and thorns” from 2016 (thanks, That’s So Retrograde) and look ahead to see what I hope to accomplish in 2017.

Roses: Best Things from 2016

  • Did my first full year of full-time freelance writing, resulting in a wonderful array of new writing projects
  • Began teaching Pilates for a studio that I really love with a fantastic teaching staff
  • Went to Paris, felt right at home there.
  • Moved to a bigger apartment
  • Finally figured out a skincare routine that works for me!
  • Made my driving time even more useful by getting hooked on informative podcasts – wellness, cooking, and historical topics are my favorite!

Thorns: Worst Things from 2016

  • Didn’t get to travel with my husband to Hawai’i this year (but at least my parents were able to come visit us instead!)
  • Got in a car accident (blessing in disguise though, really)
  • Haven’t been able to see my friends as often as I’d like since moving an additional 30 minutes north
  • Have fallen off of my workout game really hard despite having a gym downstairs

For 2017, I want to steer clear of the word “resolutions”, but I do have a handful of goals I’d like to focus on as we start off the new year with a clean slate.  My usual goals include “lose weight” and “read more”, but making goals specific and actionable will make one more likely to achieve them!  Writing them down really helps keep one accountable too, so I’m putting them out here for the world to see 🙂

  • Move more.  Specifically, use the gym downstairs more often – even if it’s just for 30 minutes of weights or TRX training.
  • Do more Pilates.  As a Pilates instructor, I teach more than I actually take classes which is the opposite of what I envisioned of what would happen.  Unlike teaching a class like spin or Zumba, I spend time directing and correcting my clients while I observe, so I really have to make an effort to attend other Pilates classes or to give myself a good workout.
  • Get back to yoga. In the same vein as the other two goals, I want to return to the mat.  Not only is yoga an amazing opportunity for meditation, I was also in some of the best shape ever when I was doing yoga all the time.
  • Purge my closet. I’ve actually purged my closet twice in the past two years thanks to two apartment moves, but I still find that I am holding on to a lot of meh items (shoes, clothes, accessories) that are just taking up space.  Ideally, I want to create that legendary capsule wardrobe that the French are so famous for.  Wish me luck.
  • Wear regular clothes more often. This is a big deal – I spend four days of the week teaching Pilates, so I’m in workout gear a LOT.  I sometimes forget what dressing like a normal person is like, so forcing myself to wear “regular” clothes will be a good thing.
  • Drink more water. Also take my prenatal vitamins, probiotics, vitamin D supplement, and herbs.  And try to kick my sweet tooth.
  • Get back on the GGS.  Author and nutritionist Kimberly Snyder created the Glowing Green Smoothie for her clients, encouraging them to start their day with a big, fibrous glass of greens.  I was doing this regularly for a while, and I miss it.  I’m bringing it back in 2017.
  • Read more.  Get cracking on the books by my bedside – Alexander Hamilton’s biography, House of the Spirits, two books in French, and some reading about crystals that I’ve been meaning to get to.
  • See my friends more.  I miss them.  A lot.
  • Schedule dates with my husband.  As the company he’s working for grows, so does his travel schedule.  He expects to be traveling 30% of the time this year, which kind of sucks for us, but it just means we have to appreciate the time we do get to spend together.

I’m feeling pretty good about these goals, and actually can’t wait to get started and see my progress in a few months.  What about you – how was your 2016?  And what are your 2017 goals?  Got any great podcasts to share with me?

See you on the other side ~


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