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Last summer, my 2001 Toyota RAV4 took a hit when I was driving home on a stretch of the 101 that often slows down or comes to a complete standstill with traffic.  I stopped, the truck behind me did not, and he barreled into the back of my car. Luckily, I wasn’t badly hurt, but my car was DUNZO.  The back of the car had accordioned into itself, rendering the trunk useless.  Within a week, my insurance company had come back with the verdict – totaled.

So, we bought a new car shortly after and it came with a four month trial subscription to SiriusXM. After the subscription ended, I decided to try and be really mindful of the media that I am taking in, so instead of continuing the satellite radio feature (which is great, but unnecessary at the moment), I ended up subscribing to a few podcasts. I can’t believe it took me so long to become a podcast person, but I am officially obsessed. I listen to podcasts when I shower, when I’m cleaning, while driving, while working out (never had 45 minutes passed so quickly!).  If you haven’t discovered the joy of podcasts, you’re missing an opportunity to soak in a ton of information and entertainment – why not make the most of your day and get a little knowledge where you can?

I present to you four of my absolute favorite podcasts of the moment, each one sort of related to a section of this website.  I am always on the lookout for interesting listening material and I’ll continue to share podcasts as I discover them!


If you like watching PBS specials like Mind of a Chef, or are addicted to Anthony Bourdain (like me), you might love this food-centric podcast by the Heritage Radio Network called Radio Cherry Bombe.  With exciting guests like Ruth Reichl, Ina Garten, Dorie Greenspan, and Yottam Ottolenghi (to name a few), this podcast is sure to delight anyone with an affinity for the culinary arts.



One of my fellow Pilates instructors, told me about this ridiculously fabulous podcast called That’s So Retrograde. Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari are the Los Angeles-based hosts of this podcast that talks about wellness topics from crystal healing to colonics and everything in between.  As someone who enjoys the Cafe Gratitude-dining, green juice-drinking, infrared sauna-sweating, acupuncture/massage/energy work, SoulCycle life – this podcast speaks directly to me.  It’s like a conversation with your girlfriends who will come with you to a raw vegan cafe during the day and then go on a tequila bender with you that evening.  Hashtag BALANCE.



I wanted to cry when I found  The Model Health Show.  If you want solid, informative health and fitness advice that feels super inspirational and doable, look no further.  Besides the fact that host Shawn Stevenson has a buttery radio voice, he delivers useful and up to date information on diet and nutrition, supplements, health trends, and even talks about subjects like fertility, relationships, and qi gong!  I am going back through their archives and listening to older episodes – so much information here and I am just beyond grateful to have this show as a resource.

PMF podcast.png

I’ve been a fan of French photographer and illustrator Garance Doré for years, primarily following her street fashion photography, but watched her website evolve into an entire lifestyle magazine. One of my favorite segments from her site was a video series called Pardon My French, which she has now turned into a podcast.  She often interviews people like actress Rose Byrne, or GOOP founder Gwyneth Paltrow, but also has a shorter, more casual version called Pocket Pardon My French: a conversation led by Garance with her colleagues.  Sex, dating, pets, travel, friendships, and even the topic of moving to New York City are among the subjects discussed – it’s a fun podcast and feels like you’re eavesdropping on a convo overheard at brunch.


What are your favorite podcasts right now?  Leave me some suggestions in the comments!

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