turning up the heat.

How often do you work up a sweat?

Did you say “every damn day”?  Well then – you’re ahead of the game.  If your answer was more like “I’m not sure”, then read on.

One of the lines of the Lululemon mantra includes sweating daily.  In theory, this sounds amazing – exercising and sweating also helps to naturally eliminate toxins and generally leaves you feeling pretty happy.  But during the winter months, bundled up in a down jacket and UGG boots, the thought of perspiring while the weather hovers around 40 degrees in the morning makes me want to just go back under the covers.  As a Pilates instructor, I spend a lot of time standing – observing my clients to make sure they are doing the exercises correctly – but I certainly don’t count that as exercise.  And since I teach classes more often than I actually get to do a workout, I find myself actually missing that sweet satisfying sweat.

What if I told you there was a way to get your perspiration fix by simply sitting in a sauna? Read my piece on MyFitnessPal’s blog to find out why saunas might be an excellent addition to your fitness routine.


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