around the world with chicken soup.

Chicken soup has long been touted as a magical cure for the common cold, with at least one study suggesting that the ingredients help fight upper respiratory ailments. Old wives tale or not, there’s no doubt that a big steaming bowl of chicken soup is comforting when you’re not feeling well.  I’ve rounded up recipes for some of my absolute favorite chicken-based soups just in time for flu season!

chix noodle.png

Chicken Noodle Soup

In the USA, we love a good chicken noodle soup. My favorite ever came from my Jewish mom (a former coworker who was basically like a second mom to me), a seemingly simple chicken bone broth with delicious, still somewhat crisp vegetables, and a wide egg noodles. This recipe uses a few shortcuts (store bought broth and bouillon cubes), but will do the trick in a pinch.


Samgyetang (Korea)

I crave this Korean chicken soup on occasion – a totally random one, I know. Made with ginseng, rice, and jujube stuffed into an entire chicken, this hearty soup is often made in the summer, with the idea that you’d fight the heat of the sun with the heat of the soup. Ginseng is said to have powerful antioxidant properties too, so eat up!

Arroz caldo by Kawalingpinoy

Arroz Caldo (Philippines)

When I was a little girl, any time that I began getting sick, my mom would make a giant pot of slow-cooked arroz caldo, literally translated to “rice soup”. Made with chicken, onions, and plenty of ginger, it’s an easy-on-the-stomach gruel that serves as an entire meal. My favorite way to eat this is topped with bits of fried garlic and lemon on top.


Tom Kha Gai (Thailand)

Coconut makes this lemongrass-based chicken soup extra rich, and you can play around with your preferred spiciness level (the spicier, the better, in my opinion!).  I also add rice to this to make it more filling if I’m particularly hungry.



Pho Ga (Vietnam)

Pho is another one of my favorite foods for when I’m not feeling well. While beef broth is quite tasty, the chicken version offers a lighter flavor – usually what I prefer anyway. Enjoy with the addition of fresh herbs and splash of spicy Sriracha sauce to your preference.


Avgolemono (Greece)

Lemon, chicken, rice, and egg are the basic ingredients for this classic Greek soup. I used to order this at my local Mediterranean cafe, especially when I wasn’t feeling well. Similar to arroz caldo, it’s simple and easy on your digestive system and can even be eaten for breakfast!

pozole chickenChicken Pozole (Mexico)

I’ve mostly seen pozole made with pork, but it can be done with chicken too. I personally don’t love the smell of pork cooking, so this chicken version is right up my alley – lighter in flavor with a tiny amount of chiles, this is perfect for when you want something simple (aka plain). This recipe from The Spruce gives you a couple of options to turn this “white” pozole into the red or green style for a little more pizazz.

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