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Ever want to work out by getting cheered on by really good looking people with Aussie accents? You’ve come to the right place. Founder Luke Milton brings his HIIT workouts all the way from the shores of Australia to three locations in Los Angeles (Studio City, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica). Full disclosure – I’ve wanted to go here ever since the first season of Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian (my reality TV addiction is so real, y’all). I had never really done a HIIT circuit workout before, at least not like this.

First Impressions

The front of the West Hollywood studio is pretty low key – you’d probably miss it if you weren’t looking very hard. This particular studio is located on Santa Monica Boulevard just down the street from the WeHo Whole Foods. You walk in and are greeted by the front desk, you check-in for your class, and if you’re new, you’ll probably be asked to pose for a photo (they keep one on file in their system for your account). Grab a towel, fill up your water bottle, and hang out till you can enter the main room for class.

If you’re heading to the Santa Monica studio, it’s much easier to find as the space is really big and the windows are hard to miss. Both WeHo and SaMo have metered street parking but no lot.

The Workout

Each day’s workout has a different name with a specific focus. Mondays and Thursdays are “Bondi Burn” – upper body and cardio. Tuesdays and Fridays are “Thunder Down Under”, which is – you guessed it – lower body, and cardio. Wednesdays and Sundays are a full-body workout called “Mighty Mate”, and Saturdays are the “Sydney Circuit”, another full-body workout geared towards metabolic conditioning. Depending on the workout, you use a variety of equipment: kettlebells, free weights, fit bars, BOSU balls, benches, battle ropes, medicine balls, and more. For cardio, you’re going to do shuttle runs, a round on the Assault bikes, or rower ergs. (At the Santa Monica & Studio City locations, they also have ski ergs, which I love.) And all the classes end with a nice long set of abdominal work, which is great for me since I have a hard time making myself do abs.

The Instructors

Truth be told, I have only taken three different instructors here (Luke Milton, Adam Gibson, and Reubs Mourad), mostly due to the fact that their time slots are most convenient for me. I’m comfortable saying that ALL the instructors here are awesome, they just have their own style of coaching and level of sauciness. Nearly every instructor is actually Australian, so you get a little bit of that Aussie rowdiness that my friend Lisa used to bring to every bar night we had at Magoo’s in college…but that’s another story. πŸ˜‰ I appreciate that the instructors take time to get to know people’s names and encourage them – by name – in class. They really make an effort to make everyone feel included and welcome, even when you’re riding the struggle bus.

Final Thoughts

Training Mate is definitely one of my favorite places to workout in LA. It’s constantly moving and changing so you are focused on being in the moment and before you know it, you’ve made it to the abs section. I feel like I’ve gotten stronger and have definitely chosen to up my weights since starting, which gives me a huge feeling of accomplishment since I’ve been resistant to strength training for a while (I’d just do Pilates and SoulCycle all the time). I’d definitely recommend it for every level of fitness – you can modify to your needs and the instructors can also help you modify if you aren’t sure what to do. I dragged my husband along with me one day and though he swears he is not an “indoor workout person”, he liked it a lot, and he has even mentioned coming with me again (the shock on my face was priceless)

The only “con” I can think of is that sometimes the classes can feel a bit crowded and the transitions can be a little short if the person in front of you doesn’t hustle to their spot (not gonna lie, I’ve had Ludacris moments in my head of “Move, bitch, get out the way…” more than once), but you just take a breath and get there when you get there.


Training Mate Locations in Studio City, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood

Class times starting at 6am, last class is at 7:30pm (during the week), Weekend classes go from 8am to 3pm (last class finishes at 4pm). Your first class is FREE and after that, you can opt for a membership ($99 unlimited for your first month!), class packages, or individual classes ($27).

RATING: πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–



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