notes about this website.


Hello darlings! If you’re new to Love of Taste, welcome.  If you’ve been around a while, thank you for your support all these years! You  may have noticed a few changes around here – what was once solely a food blog has now become grown to encompass many of the other facets of my life […]

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for your listening pleasure.


Last summer, my 2001 Toyota RAV4 took a hit when I was driving home on a stretch of the 101 that often slows down or comes to a complete standstill with traffic.  I stopped, the truck behind me did not, and he barreled into the back of my car. Luckily, I wasn’t badly hurt, but my car […]

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winding down 2016.


  December flew by in the wink of an eye, and it’s the last day of what’s been an emotionally and mentally exhausting year for many people, myself included.  I still have a stack of books waiting to be read, corners to be dusted, groceries to be bought, and three deadlines to face on Monday […]

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six favorite skin products for fall/winter


Whenever the weather changes (particularly from summer to fall), I have to switch up my skincare routine from my usual “cleanse, tone, moisturize” to a few more steps.  Cold weather tends to strip all the moisture out of my face (particularly around my mouth) – and it’s not even that cold here in Northern California!   […]

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warming up with zucchini oatmeal


I am a @shutthekaleup fangirl, and this recipe is inspired by her (Jeannette Ogden) many postings on “zoats”, a warming breakfast that has an extra helping of veggies thanks to shredded zucchini added to an oatmeal base.  Think about it – zucchini bread is a hit, so why can’t zucchini + oats = magic? Spiced […]

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five ways to fight belly fat


  “Little in the middle” is what’s popular these days, and not just in order to fit into the latest fashions or feel confident in a swimsuit. That extra cushion around your midsection, medically known as visceral fat, can put you at risk for heart disease and diabetes, as fat can develop between your internal […]

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it’s friday!


Welcome to the weekend, my darlings.  As I mentioned briefly in my last post, this week has been crazy – I was finishing up two writing assignments and have been assisting with a business project for the holidays, all of which is a blessing but leaves me so little time to cook or work out! […]

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the birth of a cookbook.


This week has been a particularly busy week for me in terms of work and events, in the best way possible.  Last night, I went to the book release party at Omnivore Books for Sous Vide at Home: The Modern Technique for Perfectly Cooked Meals, written by my friends Lisa Q. Fetterman, Monica Lo, and Meesha […]

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