we’re undergoing some changes…

palm trees today

As you can tell, I’ve switched this page to a new layout and am currently working out some of the kinks in the design.  All of the latest blog posts from 2016 aren’t popping up on the front page, but not to worry – you’re not missing much, I have maybe six posts since the […]

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5 great DIY masks that actually work


  I’m a beauty product junkie, but lately I’ve been super vigilant about the kinds of things I put on my face. Your skin is the body’s largest organ, acting as a filtration system and potentially absorbing everything that is in the air or that you come in physical contact with. For that reason alone, any […]

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gracias madre flautas {vegan}

my flautas vegan

Several years ago, I went through a serious yoga phase.  I’m talking seven days a week of heated 90-minute yoga classes, including one morning that I chose to go to my 10:30am yoga class instead of going to brunch (I know, WHAT?!). During my yoga phase, I also decided to embrace a healthier lifestyle, including […]

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sonoma meets france: caillettes


Jules and I returned from a few weeks in France at the end of last month, and every time we come back to the States, my heart aches. It’s not that I don’t like it here, but there is something about being in the French countryside that really resonates with my soul. I’ve never considered […]

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feliz navidad: tamale time. {mexico}


Christmas is my favorite time of year.  I love most things about the holidays – the fresh cut Christmas tree we bought from Little Hills in Petaluma, the mulled wine our neighbors made for after dinner drinks this weekend, the stash of European treats I squirreled away (Christmas pudding, dark chocolate Digestives, and marzipan), and […]

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savoring the fruits of yesterday.

fig tart

Technically, October is “fall”, when farmers markets are overflowing with pumpkins and apples and you’ve exchanged your wedge sandals and summer dresses for jeans and knee high boots. Perhaps you’ve moved on from rosé and your new drink of choice is a #PSL. But what if summer has decided to hang on for a little […]

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here comes the great pumpkin.


Here in Northern California, it’s starting to finally feel like fall. We had a bit of rain yesterday and this morning, and the leaves have started to shed off the trees in our courtyard, littering the ground with orange and red. I had just begun looking longingly at the stack of skinny jeans and my […]

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