notes about this website.


Hello darlings! If you’re new to Love of Taste, welcome.  If you’ve been around a while, thank you for your support all these years! You  may have noticed a few changes around here – what was once solely a food blog has now become grown to encompass many of the other facets of my life […]

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weekend vibes.


Feels like October is just racing by – it’s just 10 days till Halloween (which, in my world, is the gateway holiday to Christmas, but that’s a different story).  I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do for Halloween or even if I’m going to dress up, but I’m definitely feeling all the […]

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love of travel | sf: mission-bernal “la lengua”


Editor’s note:  I lived in the beautiful city of San Francisco for about 15 years before we headed just a bit north just last year. SF has so many neighborhoods with their own very strong identities, that it’s impossible for me to do my adopted hometown justice with just one or two articles. I’ve decided to […]

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mamie’s simple green soup


Instead of apple picking last weekend, we ended up at the San Rafael Civic Center Farmers Market – my favorite market in the Bay Area, even more than the SF Ferry Building’s market. One of the market’s most popular vendors – Tomatero Farms – carries some of the most spectacular greens at great prices: several […]

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c’est le week-end.

Autumn inside

  I never got to go apple picking last Saturday as originally planned, and this weekend is promising to be a wet one – so what to do?  I’m definitely looking forward to Netflix-and-chilling with my husband and thinking up some cozy and comforting recipes with the ingredients I picked up at the San Rafael […]

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hooray, the weekend has arrived!


Happy Friday, everyone!  This weekend, we’re planning on heading up north to go apple picking (and hopefully also stop at a pumpkin patch).  Other signs that fall is really here: our neighbors have begun decorating their patios with pumpkins and Halloween cobwebs, and today, one of my clients mentioned that Daylight Savings time was coming […]

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fairytale pumpkins for a fall lasagna.


I experienced my first memorable fall in September 2001, when I moved to San Francisco.  My friend’s parents had a house in northern Marin County where the back porch was nestled into the edge of the wooded area with trees that were starting to shed their foliage.  In the early morning, you would see deer creeping […]

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you made it to the weekend!


I can’t believe it’s the last day of September already!  From what I gather, it’s actually supposed to rain this weekend – and we’re heading up towards Mendocino (where it’s apparently going to thunderstorm).  As California has had quite a massive drought over the past few years, we definitely need the water – but I’m not […]

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