Style evolves but good taste never changes.


The original idea behind this blog was a celebration of food.

When most kids were still eating a diet of applesauce, juice boxes, and Cheerios, my little sister and I had prito & sinangag (fried fish and garlic rice) for breakfast.  Watching my mom knead dough for steamed pork buns and wrap rice cakes for parties, eating fruit straight from my grandfather’s trees, wandering into the kitchen of my family’s Chinese restaurant, picking out live Dungeness crab with Dad, and discovering the myriad of Asian foods at my fingertips as a kid in Honolulu, food became my passport to the world. There was no such thing as “kid’s food” and “grown up’s food” – there was just…food.

Food is still a central theme for Love of Taste, but as I’ve expanded this blog, I wanted to included some of the things that encompass my own personal taste. I’m a huge fan of fitness, beauty, and wellness, and wanted to share these pieces of my life with you as well. And click over to my portfolio if you want to see what I do for my “day jobs” – I’m a freelance writer and part-time Pilates instructor.

This is what Love of Taste is all about – a veritable melting pot of traditions and food, celebrating personal wellness, being curious about the world, and connecting to others. Drop me a line and say hello at bernadette at love of taste dot com!

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